repurposing adventure

The Continuum is a Utah-based hub for zero-waste manufacturing, focused on outdoor products. Able to build recyclable composites, reclaim those composites, and build post-consumer products.




There is no end of life solution for thermoset plastic composites, a major source of global plastic waste. Composites are found in many products, from cars to airplanes, to skis and snowboards. In a linear supply chain, products are manufactured, sold, used and then discarded. Plastic is filling up our landfills and even our oceans.




The Continuum is developing the first continuous-loop manufacturing plant for thermoset composites and plastics, utilizing the world’s first recyclable thermoset epoxy system, created by Connora Technologies. Through our sister company, Niche Snowboards, we’ve built the first zero-waste, fully recyclable snowboards - now we are recycling them, along with other post-consumer products, and turning waste into viable upcycled products.




We are disrupting an Industry and we can't do it alone. Tackleing big problems takes big friends. We have some of the best friends who will be critical to our success. 




How it works.

The first step in building a continuous loop economy is to design products with recycling in mind. That means using Recyclamine to build your composites, and using post-consumer materials whenever you can. Next step is to  disassemble the composites and plastic, converting them back to a raw material state. Now the non-virgin materials and be re-purposed into up-cycled products. The last and most important step is to place the consumer in the middle of the supply chain, providing a path for the end of the life of the product, to start the cycle all over again. Its what nature intended.